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The name is Anvith K.S. (No jokes on my name!! I swear I’ll go all Wax-on / Wax-off on you). I work as a web developer and mostly make kick-ass websites (including this one).

When I’m not working I am a amateur photographer, a cyclist, video gamer, fat dude who likes to eat too much, and whatever else that tickles my fantasy.

I dabble with a lot of technologies, but WordPress and jQuery seem to have stuck to me like glue. Most of my work revolves around PHP and MySQL and i aim to learn new stuff all the time.

I also own a Canon A470 P&S Canon Rebel T3i / 600D DSLR camera. A total shutterbug, I have irritated almost every person I know by taking 50 pics each, of anything and everything they do. If not taking pictures of people, I love taking self portraits and I have this huge collection of Whacko self-portraits. When it comes to Photography I love taking macro shots and have a few real awesome shots. Off late bird photography has taken my fancy. I love being in the outdoors and this seems to be the best way to combine the two.

I ride a Schwinn Searcher 2011  (Yes! its a bicycle and it costs as much as a second hand motor bike), and have recently started racking up kilometers on it. I love to cycle and it is my aim to cycle all around India (already found a bunch of like minded whackjobs at this place called The Bikes Zone) . Very soon I plan on upgrading to an MTB and combine the three, nature, photography and cycling..:D

All in all I am a all round rotund, good-hearted cherubic, (in one word – Fat) guy, who loves to eat, shoot and leave on a cycle.

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