“The Panda” at Kung Fu Panda 3 Premiere Show

A few weeks ago I had posted the Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer and wanted to watch the movie soon. Little did I know the wish would be granted by an old friend. Mayur Amminbhavi, an old friend from KLESCET works with DreamWorks Animation and he got me and my cousin two passes to watch […]

Ride to Swapnavel – First ride on “The Conquistador”

Nobody gonna take my head, I got speed inside my brain Nobody gonna steal my head, Now that I’m on the road again Oooh I’m in heaven again I’ve got everything, Like a moving ground an open road And everything… Coming Soon…

Belgaum – Vaijyanath Temple – Belgaum Bicycle Ride with Belgaum Cyclists.

Hi guys /Gals [if any – notice the capitalisation of the G, any feminists reading ?? ] Ok enough of the lame jokes and let the report begin. As planned I did the Belgaum to Vaijnath and back trip today. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. The night before, ie. yesterday I get […]

Belgaum – Jamboti – Belgaum Bicycle Ride with Rajiv on 15th May 2011

Woo Hoo!!! W00t w00t!!! Yipee aiee aiee!!! Yipee aiee aiee!!! I did my first half century ride. The location was picture perfect. Beautiful roads (uncharacteristically still in good condition after enduring two rain seasons.), awesome scenery all around and most importantly I wasn’t zipping past in a bus or 4 wheeler thinking “Damn! If only […]

Webmaster Motu and The Machines of Human Suffering

Webmaster Motu is back.. and he is Banging….:P.. That sounds corny, but hey, life is like a bowl of sweet corn vegetable soup, the best bits are all lying at the bottom. The subject line refers to those dreaded places us mere mortals decide to visit when the seams of our best shirt seem to […]