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A few weeks ago I had posted the Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer and wanted to watch the movie soon. Little did I know the wish would be granted by an old friend. Mayur Amminbhavi, an old friend from KLESCET works with DreamWorks Animation and he got me and my cousin two passes to watch the World Premiere of the movie at PVR, Phoenix Market City today.

Mayur Amminbhavi (Left) and Anvith K.S. (The Kung Fu Chacha)

Mayur Amminbhavi (Left) and Anvith K.S. (The Kung Fu Chacha)

I hadn’t met Mayur in years and he actually called me and gave me the passes. Thanks Mayur. You really are a great guy and a good friend.

The movie was amazing and lived up to my expectations. The story line was nice and tight. The gags, as usual, were spot on. The 3D work was top notch and the visuals, the visuals deserve a special mention. Each and every frame was breathtaking and it well thought – out.

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