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Of Friend’s & Friendships

By April 18, 2011January 23rd, 20162 Comments

Ashley’s wedding day was an eye opener for me. That was the day i realised i really had made friends for life.

We say it a lot of times, talk about how we’ll remain friends for life et al, but seldom is life so kind to us. ‘Life’ just happens to us. Just when you think everything is hunky dory it throws newer obstacles in your path. Priorities change, friends change, people change, you change.

At ashley’s wedding a few of us from the glorious batch of 2002, mgm puc met each other. And for some reason even after all these years it was as if we just got out of class and headed to the nearest hangout. Rehashing old memories, talkin about how we’re no longer the same person, bitching about people we hate, who’s in touch with who, who’s married, who’s not, the list goes on. What started off as a wedding reception quickly turned into a mini reunion:-)

Ten Years. Thats how long we’ve known each other. A decade. In this day and age where friendships are defined by the no of people in your facebook list or the no of people following your tweets, i feel proud to say that i have known people for ten years, and i am their friend. Ten years is not a very easy feat. People don’t talk as much as they would like to now, work takes up most of the time, the rest is taken up by family. But then small gestures like a pizza treat, or an unexpected call go a long way. It shows that we still care, may be not as much as we would like to, but in our own way we try. I’ve always been told that you can have only one best friend. But i always begged to differ. How can a person have just one best friend. The term best is a superlative. And when all your friends are the best people you know you don’t give them individual monikers like best friend.

You may have a limited number of confidant’s but you can never have only one best friend:-)

i know that because i have best friends for life:-)

here’s to the 42ers:-)

class of 2002, room no 42 and 56, mgm college, udupi.

PS: Please ignore any typos. Its 3 am and cellphone’s aren’t exactly meant for blogging. There’s so much more I want to write, but I’m afraidit’ll ahve to wait. I’m mixing up words and typos are increasing. Its time to sleep..:D


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